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About us

Agrozymes is a Spanish company directed by technical professionals with more than 20 years of experience in the sector. We are dedicated to the manufacture and sale of organic products based on microorganisms and natural extracts for Organic Agriculture. Agrozymes has a team of specialists in research projects for the selection and study of microorganisms and natural substances, with the goal of sharing knowledge about technical advice and management on crops.


We manufacture and produce products based on microorganisms and natural extracts.


Our R+D+I team continually investigates and analyses the demands of the agricultural market.


We are committed to sustainable agriculture that respects the environment.
Investigation and innovation go hand in hand

Everything adds value

We make our products using natural raw materials and procedures that are respectful with the environment. Quality of raw materials, collaboration with suppliers, respect for the environment, a team of professionals focused on what they do, with R&D as constant, for the creation of innovative, competitive, and effective ecological products for what is most special to us, our customers.
Constant research

Closer to farmers

At Agrozymes we aim for sustainable, effective agriculture to improve crops and increase farmer profits. We bring the latest scientific advances from the laboratory to the field, passing on the benefits of our research farmers, contributing to agriculture that manages and cares for crop ecosystems and complies with the environmental commitments established by the European Union’s ‘Circular Economy’ and ‘Climate Change’ programs. Our products represent effective and innovative solutions that today’s farmer needs in order to meet the requirements, standards, and guarantees of quality and food safety that consumers demand. Our Technical Department, together with the R & D & I Department, carry out constant research and development of the products to guarantee their effectiveness and adaptability.
We work for personalised attention

An Improvement for Agriculture

Our products provide additional benefits beyond excellent results for crop protection, producing positive physiological effects on the plant. That means greater vitality, higher production and better harvest quality, and a better performance in the commercialisation of production. Additionally, our products allow recovery and regeneration of the natural environment in areas affected by natural disasters (floods, fires, etc.) which give rise to desertification, eutrophication and salinity— important dangers to the establishment of crops.

Our services

Our highest priority is to always offer the best possible service to our clients. Our staff offers personalised attention and integrated service. For this reason, our sales technicians have extensive experience in the agricultural sector and have excellent training in order to offer a correct, precise prescription of the products’ use in each circumstance.


At Agrozymes we take care of our products’ entire manufacturing process to always guarantee their quality.

Commercial network

At Agrozymes we have a wide presence in national and international markets.

Technical consultancy

Our clients have at their disposal a technical team to help and advise them with any questions or problems that may arise. 

Product internationalisation projects

International Presence

Agrozymes is a Spanish business dedicated to the production and commercialisation of natural-extract and microorganism based products and their application to sustainable agriculture. The products’ objective is to improve the efficiency of fertilisers and organic matter in order to improve soil structure and crop yields.
Agrozymes, S.L. within the framework of the ICEX Next Export Initiation Program, has had the support of ICEX and the co-financing of the European ERDF fund. The purpose of this support is to contribute to the international development of the company and its environment.

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