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Agrozymes is committed to respecting the environment. This is one of the basic tenets of its creation and one of the great global challenges.

Agriculture contributes significantly to climate change, but it is also a victim of its effects. It reduces the resilience of production systems and degrades natural resources. In turn, the increasing and unsustainable burden of human activities on the Earth's capacity represents an enormous challenge for agriculture, which is further compounded by the growth of the world population. This growth trajectory of agricultural production is unsustainable, due to its negative impacts on natural resources and the environment.

For all these reasons, Agrozymes was created in order to change the current situation, commit to sustainable agriculture, to be capable of providing present and future generations with healthy products, guaranteeing food safety while promoting healthy ecosystems and supporting the responsible management of natural resources. Therefore we must direct actions with sustainable agricultural practices that must make the most of technology, research and development. There is no other way to achieve the global transition to sustainable food and agriculture. It is essential to improve environmental protection, system resilience, efficiency in the use of resources, and to see everything as a continuous process rather than a determined destination point.

Faced with this struggle and enormous challenges, through long processes of research, development and innovation, Agrozymes has developed products with low or zero environmental impact and tries to respect and commit to the environment through several ways:

Certified Organic Products

Usable products in Organic Agriculture.

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Green Points Recycling

We are partners with AEVAE, in order to manage our packaging and to promote its use and reuse.

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Optimisation of Natural Resources

Obtaining nutrients and increasing efficiency.

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“Our commitment to the environment is complying with the three R rule"

3R Recicla Reduce Reutiliza


both pollution and the use of inorganic fertilisers that are difficult to assimilate and highly persistent phytosanitary products through their substitution by biofertilisers and low-impact or non-residue products.


the resources that nature provided us, such as microorganisms, to design cutting-edge formulations and reuse the plastic originated in the manufacturing process.


both the existing nutrients in the soil by means of microorganisms that transform them into easily assimilable forms for plants and by putting green dots on our products’ plastic packaging for later use.


Our Challenges

One of the great current challenges of the European Union is to achieve a bio-sustainable economy, which is a set of activities aimed at generating products and services that add economic value, while using biological resources as raw materials, resulting in a viable alternative. From this base, current agriculture should move toward greater sustainability in its use of natural resources, and contribute to greater economic growth. The agricultural sector must be one of sustainable production, in which resources are used efficiently and with less impact in terms of the ecological footprint.

At Agrozymes we have no other way of understanding agriculture. This challenge forms our DNA and we are committed to agricultural R&D and the use of new bio-fertilisers that allow crops to adapt to new agro-ecological conditions that arise, so that they resist biotic and abiotic stress, incorporating new functionalities, and all while respecting the environment. The reuse of their own waste and environmental by-products, as well as the use of micro-organisms from the plant rhizosphere to obtain value-added fertiliser products suitable for fruit and vegetable crops, will mean an improvement in the efficiency and sustainability in the sector, and great progress in facing this great social challenge.

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