N-zymes is a liquid suspension obtained from the fermentation process of microorganisms of the genus Azospirillum for root application.

These microorganisms are free bacteria that fix atmospheric nitrogen (N) in the soil, ecologically and gradually enriching its concentration even in areas with a high saline concentration.

N-zymes produces a balanced and optimal ratio of organic substances that allow better resistance to drought conditions and water stress, since alginates are formed in the roots of the plants and increase the final production of the crops.

The bacterium also has a biostimulant action, improving the sprouting process and the quality of the harvest.

N-zymes is registered in the Fertilizer Registry of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food as a fertilizer for non-mycorrhizal microorganisms with the registration number F0005295/2032, so its effects and safety are fully proven.

N-zymes is an organic, natural, non-toxic product without risk to human, animal or environmental health and, therefore, it can be used in organic farming. Suitable for use in organic farming in accordance with UNE 142500:2017 – Inputs for use in organic crop production. Fertilizers, amendments and growing media.


3-5 l/ha horticultural
5-8 l/ha woody




15-20 l