Naturzymes is a fertilizer formulated in highly concentrated micro granules of amino acids of animal origin obtained by enzymatic hydrolysis easily assimilated by the plant.

Naturzymes is designed with the highest quality and efficacy standards that guarantee the obtaining of a great concentrate of amino acids of natural origin obtained by enzymatic hydrolysis of low molecular weight and high solubility.

Naturzymes is used as a biostimulant and is an excellent source of nutrients due to its high nitrogen (N) and potassium (K2O) content).

Naturzymes is especially indicated for the phase of growth, flowering and fruit set, as well as in stress situations due to adverse weather conditions.

Naturzymes is an organic, natural, non-toxic product without risk to human, animal or environmental health and, therefore, it can be used in organic farming. Suitable for use in organic farming in accordance with UNE 142500:2017 – Inputs for use in organic crop production. Fertilizers, amendments and growing media.


FOL 1,5-2,5 g/l
ROOT 2-4 kg/ha




5 Kg