Vitalzymes is a liquid prebiotic based on amino acids of plant origin obtained by enzymatic hydrolysis easily assimilated by the plant.

The amino acids contained in Vitalzymes stimulate vegetative growth, plant sprouting and reduce the effects of stress caused by abiotic factors, in addition, it favors fruit fattening.

Vitalzymes supplies 100% assimilable direct absorption nutrients that optimize metabolic processes and catalyze the photosynthesis process in plants.

Vitalzymes is an excellent complement in root applications with Agrozymes bacteria products, in which it provides greater efficiency and speed of the effect of the fertilizers applied to the crop.

Vitalzymes is an organic, natural, non-toxic product without risk to human, animal or environmental health and, therefore, it can be used in organic farming. Suitable for use in organic farming in accordance with UNE 142500:2017 – Inputs for use in organic crop production. Fertilizers, amendments and growing media.


FOL 1-3 g/l
FOOT 2-3 kg/ha




1-5-20 l