Polizymes is a liquid product that enhances soil microorganisms based on amino acids from enzymatic hydrolysis of substances of plant origin that improve and revitalise soil properties while helping the root system of plants.


Polizymes contains a balanced, optimal ratio of organic substances in solution composed of amino acids from purified plant extracts and osmoregulatory substances.


Polizymes is a biological, natural, non-toxic product with no risks to human, animal or environmental health.

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Polizymes activates the mechanisms of growth and cell multiplication, optimising metabolic processes and catalyzsng the photosynthesis process in vegetables, thus favouring the germination process of seeds, increasing the assimilation of provided nutrients, favouring the formation of flowers, the fertilisation capacity and fruit set.

The free amino acids and short chain peptides present in Polizymes are of rapid absorption and direct nutrition. They act as bio-activators and synthesise substances which intervene in numerous metabolic reactions related to the growth processes of the root system.

The osmoregulatory substances contained in Polizymes act by enhancing tolerance to saline stress and adverse environmental conditions. When the roots are found in saline soils, the concentration of salts is lower inside the cells than outside, and the water tends to leave the cell by an osmotic gradient. The contribution and root absorption of osmoregulatory substances prevents water flow from the interior to the exterior of the cell and, therefore, its dehydration.

Due to tolerance to saline stress, fertiliser doses can be increased in crops at times of greatest demand.

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