Soluzymes is a liquid suspension obtained via the fermentation of microorganisms of the genus Pseudomonas for root application.


Soluzymes solubilizes the Phosphorus and unlocks the Calcium and Iron in the soil, allowing a better absorption of the nutritive elements and better rooting.


Soluzymes is a product registered in the Fertilizer Registry of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food as a fertilizer for non-mycorrhizal microorganisms with the registration number F0003948 / 2029, so its effects and safety are fully proven.


Soluzymes is a biological, natural, non-toxic product with no risks to humans, animals or environmental health and, therefore, it can be used in Organic Agriculture.

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Soluzymes is incorporated into the microbiological balance of the rhizosphere, favouring the germination and development plants’ root systems. Indicated as a biological corrector and regenerator of soils in mineralised soils and with little organic matter.

Soluzymes solubilises phosphates from the soil and makes them available to the plant in the soil solution, allowing greater nutrient efficiency and better rooting.

Soluzymes increases the solubilisation of iron, thanks to the production of biologically active substances such as siderophores.

Soluzymes activates self-defence mechanisms in plants (thickening cell walls, synthesis of phytoalexins, secretion of phenols and polyphenols, etc.) against adverse biotic conditions, producing a bio-stimulant effect that increases their development, vigor and strength. It helps the induced systemic resistance of plants against the attack of pathogens.

Soluzymes microorganisms solubilise Phosphorus and unblock inorganic Calcium in the soil that are not available to plants. By making them assimilable, they allow the plant to absorb them, obtaining these nutrients in the amounts needed.

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