Aminospir 24

Aminospir 24

Aminospir 24 is a highly concentrated liquid solution of amino acids of plant origin obtained by enzymatic hydrolysis to improve plant nutrition and the regeneration of the root system of plants.

Aminospir 24 is obtained from alfalfa plant remains and provides plant cells with a complex stimulator, formed by 18 amino acids, bioactivators and oligopeptides, allowing plants to obtain optimal growth.

Aminospir 24 is an excellent for root applications with AGROZYMES microorganism products, in which it provides greater efficiency and speed of the effect of the fertilizers applied to the crop.

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Aminospir 24 is an activator that stimulates the chlorophyll function, improving plant growth.

Amino acids have the property of being amphoteric, in such a way that when applied in combination with other phytosanitary active ingredients, the amino acids increase their penetration and assimilation in the plant.

Aminospir 24 contains free amino acids and short chain peptides that are rapidly absorbed and directly nourished, act as bio-activators and synthesise substances that are involved in numerous metabolic reactions related to the sprouting, pollination and fruit setting processes.

The bio-activators contained in Aminospir 24 stimulate he production of proteins and vitamins in a natural way and reduce the plant’s effort in the production of energy, to successfully face situations of stress due to abiotic factors.

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