Chlorozymes is a liquid product specially formulated based on seaweed extract (Ascophyllum nodosum) and amino acids of plant origin obtained by enzymatic hydrolysis.

Chlorozymes contains polysaccharides, lipids and vitamins that are easily assimilated by the plant with an osmoregulatory and anti-stress effect, as well as favoring the processes of flowering, fruit setting and fruit fattening.

Chlorozymes is an organic, natural, non-toxic product without risk to human, animal or environmental health and, therefore, it can be used in organic farming. Suitable for use in organic farming in accordance with UNE 142500:2017 – Inputs for use in organic crop production. Fertilizers, amendments and growing media.


FOL 1-2.5 cc/l
ROOT 2-3 l/ha




1-5 l