Zymeflor is a liquid suspension that mixes a base of amino acids beneficial for plant development with micro-elements destined for flowering, fruit setting and fattening, increasing the consistency of the fruit and the homogeneity of the harvests.

Zymeflor is non-toxic to humans, animals and plants; nor does it pollute the environment, and due to its biological components can be used in organic agriculture.

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Zymeflor contains amino acids that improve crop development by stimulating the physiological functions of the plant, focusing mainly on sprouting, pollination and fruit set. The amino acids in ZYMEFLOR improve the germination of the pollen grain, strengthen cell walls, increasing resistance to frost and promote the metabolism of Gibberellic acid.

Zymeflor improves flower opening, avoids flower abortions and abscission of freshly set flowers or fruits, ensuring proper fruit setting and development. It enhances the final quality of the fruit by providing resistance to stressful situations.

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