Cu-ZYMES is a copper (Cu) product formulated in water dispersible granule (WDG) with high solubility and 100% complexed with EDTA.

Cu-ZYMES, compared to the rest of conventional coppers, has the following advantages:

Better foliar absorption:

  • By penetrating the fabric, it eliminates the washing effect caused by the rain.
  • By having an acidic pH, it facilitates foliar absorption in the plant.
  • Provides sugars and polyphenols to plant tissue.
  • Improves the C / N ratio.
  • As it leaves no residue on the leaf (blue spot), it does not reduce the photosynthesis rate.

Greater care for the environment:

  • It is compatible with Ecological Agriculture and Sustainable Agriculture.
  • By reducing the application of copper metal per hectare, it reduces the impact on soil microorganisms.
  • Compared with the application of traditional coppers, it reduces the volume of waste by 90%.
  • Non-toxic and more active.
  • Reduces the toxicity of copper in the crop when applied at a small dose.
  • Being more penetrative, it is more effective compared to traditional coppers.
  • It does not induce resistance since it acts at the molecular level.
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The copper present in Cu-ZYMES, forms part of mitochondria and seeds, stimulates protein synthesis, intervenes in the transpiration process and is part of numerous enzymes.

Cu-ZYMES supports the metabolism of phytoalexins. Phytoalexins are phenolic molecules created by the plant to defend itself against pathogens. In addition, on its own, it is capable of interfering with the germination of fungal spores when it is found in concentrations higher than those usual in plant tissue.

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