Cu-ZYMES is a copper (Cu) product formulated as a dispersible granule (WDG) with high solubility and 100% chelated with EDTA.

Cu-ZYMES favors the metabolism of phenolic substances and phytoalexins. Phytoalexins are mono-polyphenol molecules that the plant itself creates to defend itself against pathogens. In addition, by itself, it is capable of interfering with the germination of fungal spores when it is found in concentrations higher than usual in plant tissue.

Cu-ZYMES is an organic, natural, non-toxic product without risk to human, animal or environmental health and, therefore, it can be used in organic farming. Suitable for use in organic farming in accordance with UNE 142500:2017 – Inputs for use in organic crop production. Fertilizers, amendments and growing media.


FOL cucumber and bean 0.5 g/l, rest vegetables and cereal 0.8 g/l
ROOT 2 kg/ha horticultural y 0.75-1 kg/ha woody




5 Kg