Aminomol is a liquid product formulated with a high richness in molybdenum and amino acids of vegetable origin obtained by enzymatic hydrolysis that increases plant development.

Aminomol provides molybdenum, an essential element for nitrogen metabolism by activating two enzymes: nitrogenase, which intervenes in the fixation of atmospheric nitrogen; and nitrate-reductase, which is essential for the plant in transforming inorganic nitrogen to organic nitrogen.

Aminomol is an excellent for root applications with Agrozymes microorganism products that provide greater efficiency to fertilisers and bacteria-based products.

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Aminomol is an activator that stimulates the chlorophyll function, improving plant growth.

Aminomol contributes and stimulates nitrogen absorption by intervening in its incorporation metabolism.

Aminomol contains amino acids that improve crop development by stimulating the physiological functions of the plant, focusing mainly on sprouting, pollination and fruiting.

The amino acids that Aminomol contains perform the following functions in the plant:

  • Enhance the synthesis of chlorophyll, especially in cases of stress.
  • Contribute to the activation of metabolism, as they form enzymes.
  • They are precursors of polyamines (hormones with anti-stress effect).
  • Improve root development.

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